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Conference Website w/Eventbrite and Social Media Integrations w/Dynamic Embeds

Hey all! I just launched a new website for a conference in Oklahoma and I’m using the new Dynamic Embeds as a part of the Webflow CMS.

The events are all ticketed with Eventbrite so I’m using that. I also created social share buttons on the event pages that pull data from the CMS.

Super excited with how it turned out. Built it from the ground up in a single day and it’s this that makes me LOVE Webflow. Such a solid site with integrations of tools people use every day and with such a quick turnaround. Let me know what you guys and gals think!

Check out the Refresh Summit site here!


Nice site. Very clean and to the point [at least on iPhone].

Although I would maybe change the Blue logo to a shade of grey as to not take away from the green color design.

Thanks, @VLADinSACRAMENTO! I think the same thing but they have a graphics standard that doesn’t allow that. :grin: So I’m kind of stuck!

That’s to bad :pensive:…maybe go on a strike? Just kidding…:grinning::blush: Great job!

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Lol! Thanks! I appreciate it!

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