Event Template built from scratch

Hey guys @Waldo @cyberdave @thesergie @StevenP Check out my latest template!!! look forward to your feedback. https://webflow.com/website/hardcore?s=hardcore


Nice work @Hyaad :slight_smile: how did you make that little Compass piece? That’s awesome :smiley:

Also for the side menu on the left, I recommend speeding up the interactions to show each menu item (otherwise users may think that the slight is slow), but I love side navs like that.

Any reason why you used custom code for the social icons? Those look awesome on the live site and can definitely be achieved with interactions :smiley:

I really liked your implementation of the video with the gradient over it. Nice work!


Waldo : )

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Really appreciate!!! I found the compass on codepen http://codepen.io/MarcMalignan/pen/kftvL . I’m actually working on the social Icons. :+1:

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Awesome work dude, the colors are so dynamic. :smiley:

I love how there’s a picture on the left that peeks through a “hole” in the design.


Appreciate :+1: !!! Thank you.

I LOVE those social icons! I am still a newb here… @Waldo says you can do that with interactions but way above my skill set. Anywhere you can point me for the widget or instructions on something similar as an interaction tutorial? Thanks!

My work in progress is at: http://top-shelf-tributes.webflow.io/

Thanks!!! And AWESOME work!