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Event Signup | How to know what event the customer sign up to

I just had a weird problem. I’m making a CMS event system for a client. And I just realised that the signup form one the event pages (CMS pages) have to be the same, and that it’s impossible to know what event the customer sign up to.

A work around can be
to have the signup on another page and the client go in and change the text of checkboxes, not a good workaround.
The customer write down what event they want to sign up to, not so professional.

A solution would be
Through the CMS system being able to name the form. So the forms name change with the event name.
Being able to set up checkboxes with the name of the event. You can do that today, but the email the client gets just says: True. Nothing about what is True.
or adding CMS text to a dropdown.

@PixelGeek … i guess this is also something for your new CMS function. But is it possible or will it be?

Great suggestion! I too would love dynamic forms.

Once our dynamic embeds are released, you could try embedding a thirdparty form system like into your dynamic template pages.

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Yes thats what I was thinking. Using JotForm as of now. I might ask for some help when that time comes :slight_smile: Looking forward to dynamic forms! Great tut btw.

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