Event Form with maximum attendees

Hi all… I am in need of some help here… I need to create a form for an event. This would be a registration form that has a cap on the number of attendees (maximum for attendees).

So every time someone registers the number would of attendees would go down. Say the cap is 112 attendees, someone registered two people so the number attendees left would show 110 attendees/seats left. Once the event if filled, no one would be able to register or submit the form.

Ideally, I would love for this to be synced for some type of payment method as well. I was thinking that I would just use Paypal Buy now buttons for each sponsorship level… But I doubt I could sync the form or use a Webflow form for this method.

Any help would be great… I am kind of under the gun for this one as a client just sprung this on me.

Thank you in advance.

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If you’re under the gun, I’d cut corners on the design and go for the features.
A square fit for this, with payment, ticket limits and event ticket types would be Eventbrite.

You can just set it up and drop in an embed. Won’t be webflow-gorgeous, but it will work perfectly.

Otherwise, building it out will take a bit of time to assemble the pieces and get it tested properly.

Thanks Michael… I’ll look into this and see what the fees are. I know some sponsorship will be a 5 digit price tag so if they take a percentage of the ticket fees/sponsorship fees it could get pretty pricey for the client. I would love to learn how to build it natively, but you’re right being pressed for time may not be the best since it would be out of my realm of expertise…