EU VAT should not be charged in this case

I’m running a EU based ecommerce (France)

I’m setting up my shop in webflow.
When I make some tests about checkout, I have an issue:
I set Automatic Taxes, and when I try to make a fictive purchase from USA, the French VAT is charged. But it should not.

Is it a bug or may I did a mistake?

Thanks for your help.

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I tried some things and it seems like when you choose to deliver in France, the VAT applies. When changing to USA, the VAT remains (it should drop, because of B2C delivery from EU to outside EU).

I’m in the same boat. It seems Webflow is really not fully fit for EU businesses, disappointingly. I will try one of the workarounds people have mentioned (Foxy or Plugnpaid) but really this should be basic Webflow functionality.

It seems so simple: always display the VAT percentage and price, and deduct it when shipping outside the EU.

I have the exact same problem, can’t launch the webshop if the taxes aren’t calculated properly.

guys, none of your European customers can operate or build ecommerce shops with webflow until this issue is fixed or updated.

Any reply from webflow devs?

we need help here. cannot build shops on webflow if this doesnt work.

Any news on this one?