Urgent - VAT and Invoicing (France)

Message sent to Webflow support :

Dear, after building complete eCommerce website for a French based client. We are facing to 2 big problem :

First, in France, if you sell products with different kind of VAT, they must appears with separate VAT amounts on invoices. not only mention tax amount but “tax 20%, tax 5,5%” with each amount, its a legal obligation.

Then, other problem is : where are the invoices? My client wants to provide a legal invoice for people who are buying on his website !

Please tell me what I can do with your CMS, because after one month of development, we need to know if we have to delete all the webflow website and build another one with Shopify or something else…

I can’t believe that …


Webflow doesn’t support that (yet). I’ve had the same problem.
You can add an automation to send the invoice separately after purchase to your customer, and compute the VAT on the invoice > and be perfectly compliant with this invoice.

Using something like Integromat or Zapier you do : Webflow order > Airtable calculates VAT > sends email to client.

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Thanks ! Very helpful :wink:

I’ll try it today

Did you already do that ?

My client set this up and it seems to work fine for the last 9 months. I haven’t done it myself (yet) but am going to for my next e-commerce site done in webflow.

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Thanks, this info is precious !

Lets try…

Of course, after 2 hours of testing on Zapier and Integromat, it doesn’t work…

Always errors…

I can’t believe this is so difficult to create an invoice with right VAT separation

I really not see how you have done this trick :cold_sweat:

A solution is founded by using Integromat and InvoiceNinja ($10/month for Pro version).

The problem is : I have to duplicate all my products in InvoiceNinja, cause webflow send a strange STRING like “€ xx,xx EUR”, and I can’t use that to create products automatically, damnnn…

If someone has a solution ?

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