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Error Message - Webflow says domain name already linked to another Webflow Site

Hello everyone!

I created my second website in Webflow and went to connect the domain name.
First, I typed in my domain name into the “Add Existing Domain” form field.
When I clicked submit, it showed an error message “That domain is already connected to a Webflow site”

This domain name was connected to a Squarespace account, but I disconnected it and still had this issue.
It’s impossible this domain name was connected to a Webflow account, because like I said, I had it connected to Squarespace and I’ve never connected it to another Webflow site before.

Just to test it out, I put a random url not related to my brand in to see if that would work and it did.

What am I missing? What do I need to do to remove this error message and complete the steps to host my site with my unique domain name?

Thank you!