Ending contract with the client (CMS)

I would like to end the contract with my client after the website publishes for a year,
however, due to the CMS that’s built in webflow,
how could I pass the website to my client’s next web manager/designer for updating the design/content? (when the web design company doesn’t use webflow)

You can transfer sites if you are on a Pro account.

First you have to cancel hosting, then transfer to client’s Webflow account (a free one should be sufficient), then client sets up the hosting.

Then they will be able to login with their Webflow account and modify/update the design/content.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I may not have made my point clear, what I meant was that
due to there are not that much web design companies/freelancers that use webflow in my country,
if I want to stop managing this project (dynamic site, with CMS) and my client still wishes to modify or add new content to this current website that I designed in the future(hiring someone else to do this, but this someone else does not use webflow to build websites)
(To be clear, I don’t want to work with this client anymore, but he likes the current website that I designed for him.)
how could I pass on to another web design company/freelancer that never uses webflow to build website? (they might build the website by writing the codes themselves or Wordpress etc.)

or I just can’t? unless the designer that takes over this project uses webflow, too?

I see.

Currently there is no easy way to export CMS items, so they will have to take over the project or manually copy and paste the data out into Wordpress or another CMS.

Of course first you will need to convert the exported Webflow HTML into a Wordpress theme. If you or your client require a developer to do this, you can contact me at http://webflowexpert.com

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I like the services you provide! :+1:
If I need any of those, now I know where to find a solution!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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