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Impossible client demands

hey there,

I was trying to make a project with a potential client but they insisted that i give them CMS code on CD, use their current servers and transfer their old domain emails to the new domain. That is exaclty what i can not do on webflow platform. How do you guys work with these problems? Do you take on only clients that are much more open to your work flow? Is my client particulary obssesive with demands or am i not seeing something here.

thanks in advance for your answers.

In this case I would hire a developer. You will design the page with webflow and the developer has to bind your exported code to a CMS like Wordpress. The customer pays you and you pay the developer.

Maybe this is a solution for you.

Also give your clients good arguments for using webflow CMS. E.g.

  • Less secure on Wordpress
  • Webflow CMS has just the features you need, not a bunch of tools you won’t -> page speed
  • more freedom for you as a designer = more awesomeness for their new website
  • easy to use

Hope this helps :blush:


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