Enable tracking clicks on an element

I would love to see some sort of implementation to enable tracking clicks on an element or elements inside that go to another page, url, or begin an event.

It would be great to see a sort of statistics page someday that shows page visits what elements gain the most attention by mouse, but for now I would be satisfied with a way to track clicks so I can at least see what is most popular and use clicks to create dynamic content sorted by popularity.

Webflow is becoming the ultimate alternative to alternative and heavy content management systems and this adds lots of value to Webflow. I understand that the development behavior for Webflow has matured and added features will be taking more time to avoid a buggy experience, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be an exception and something pushed near the top of the priority list below file hosting support with both below Interactions 2.0.

Statistics are so important for effective web design. Statistics are life.

  • I like this. Maybe it should be pretty high up there.
  • It’s a good idea but don’t give it a lot of priority.
  • I don’t think it’s necessary for a long time.

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It would be a nice feature to have, but I don’t think it needs to be too high on the feature list yet.

I use Sumome for heat maps, clicks and read analytics. You can get some decent stats from their free version.

Here’s a referral link >> http://sumo.ly/sNUB

Won’t you achieve the same (and much, much more actually) with any mouse recording analytics application?

I think you missed a key part of what I said: sort by popularity.

It’s not always about achieving what something else can do. It’s achieving a free way for clients who are no where close to tech savvy to have knowledge of particular statistics. And the point is not to track statistics just so you can feel good about your great UX design. If you could track statistics, you could rearrange elements in a particular order. You could rearrange articles by popularity, or push more popular articles “back” so less popular articles are seen more, or you could create a trigger after so many clicks, etc. It’s kind of at that point where the idea of Webflow is not “what can we add to make it better” but “what can we add to improve its versatility”.

For those who see Webflow as this sort of IFTTT kind of CMS, these kind of implementations interest them. I absolutely can’t wait for the release of Interactions 2.0, and I would love to see something like this implemented in Interactions 3.0.

Oh thanks; I use Google Analytics but I’ll check this out. As I said in my previous comment to uzzer, I think you missed the main objective and point of what I said. The point is to pave the way for more triggers and create a smarter website.