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hi Guys,

I have just managed to get the search box working on our site using the very cool SearchIQ

However; when people search using the input box, every time they search Webflow is storing the contents of that search request in a the cms. How can I stop it doing this?

My public share link is below.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @laveritalondon, the issue seems to be that the input is placed inside of a forms widget, so the default action is to save the submission in Webflow forms tab.

A few things to try:

  1. In the form settings, in the Action field, set the url to # and save changes and republish
  2. Instead dragging the whole form to the page, just drag a single input field to the page by holding down the alt key while dragging the input field to the page. Then adjust your searchIQ script to take from the value in the input box.
  3. Disable the form on-submit event in jQuery and instead call the searchiQ script via jquery.

I hope this helps

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awesome thanks Dave!

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