Empty states in tag-based CMS


Lately I’ve been designing a blog for a client using the CMS features and ran into a problem with empty states when I’m using filters on my blog categories to limit the view.

Here’s what’s currently showing when the filters are on:

And here’s what I would need to appear when there are currently no posts with that particular category:

Does anybody know a workaround to this?

Thanks in advance,

Here is my site Read-Only:

@pedrls are you viewing this in the Preview mode or viewing it once it is published?

Also, when I preview the page, I do not see an issue. Unless you specifically want the message to show up?

@QA_Brandon In this case I want the empty state message to show up. As of right now in the published site it’s blank. Is there any way to make it show up?

@pedrls I am not sure yet, if there is even a way to edit that empty state. But what you could do is create a block that is under that collections block. By this I mean, since your background is White, you could just create a block that is about the same size as your blog listed block and place it behind. So that when you dont have any articles for that tag, it would show up.

That is my suggestion. This you would just copy & paste to rest of pages.

Im sure there is an easier way, I just havent figured it out yet. lol