Problem with designing empty states

I’m having a couple of problems with designing empty states on my site.

1. Dynamic lists
There are various dynamic lists across my templates and some of them are currently empty. Currently the site displays nothing, just blank space. I want to display a message.

I select the dynamic list, create a class called something like “empty list” and then edit it. I made it look like this:

But this is how it looks in the preview:

What is going on here?

2. Videos

Some of my template pages feature videos. These videos dynamically get their content from the CMS. In some cases the video is not available yet so the url field in the CMS is empty. How can I insert a placeholder, perhaps some text saying “Video coming soon”? There doesn’t appear to be a way to adjust the empty state of a video element.

Instead in the designer it looks like this:

On the preview it is completely blank, not even grey video box.

What can I do about this?


Here is my public share link:

This was the last screen shot. Didn’t show up for some reason.

Hi @michmeagher, thanks for the post.

On Question #1:

The preview shows you a blank empty paragraph, because you have 14 items in your collection:

If there are no items returned in the Dynamic List, the text will show. If you have a page with a dynamic list, and no items are found, then the text should display.

Can you let me know

On Question #2, if the video url is not present in the CMS, the video will not show on the site, and there is not a placeholder for this at the moment, although that is a good idea for a feature wishlist item!

I would suggest to pick a sample video that you want to show as your placeholder, and enter that video url to each Video Post collection item that does not yet have a video url added.

Let me know if this helps ! Cheers, Dave


What do you mean " the display is set to block on the Dynamic List empty state"?

I don’t want to remove the collection items, they are called by a dynamic list on a different profile page. Where there are no videos associated with a particular profile yet I want to display text saying “this user has not uploaded any videos yet”, as in the screen shot. Sorry still not clear on how to do this!

I’ll add the placeholder feature to the wish list!


Hi @michmeagher, sorry, you do not have to remove any collection items, I was just saying that if no records are found in the dynamic list, then you should see the text, and the paragraph in the empty state should automatically change from display none to display block.

Take a look at my video, when you enter into preview mode, you will need to change from record to record to load the data for each record in preview mode.

Thanks again for this! If I get any more effusive it’s just going to be weird.

On question 2, I think I have figured out a neat work around. Since videos show as blank when they are empty, I can a placeholder image (a gif) underneath the video. If there is no video then the image will show instead. If there is a video then the image will be blank.

I’d love to be able to include some place holder text that only shows on certain of the pages. Can I somehow use a switch for that?

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