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Empty state not showing due to Display None

I can’t seem to figure out why the empty state style I have for a collection list works fine in preview mode, but not on the live published site.

If you go to the On the Boards tab of this page ( you will see just a blank space (because there are no items with that category), but it should show my Empty State class/style.

However, it works fine in Preview mode while in the Designer. What did I do wrong, or is this a bug?

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Public Project Link:

Hi @GoldenRatio, thanks for getting in touch. I show there is an override on the empty state, forcing it to display none on publish, take a peek:

By default the empty state will only show if the there are no items, but if the display for the state is set to none, this will force the empty state to not show at all.

Take a peek: at settings before:

and after with the default Display styling for the empty state:

After making change, site looks like this in designer:

And looks like this in the published site:

I hope this helps!

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Ah, that did it. I now know that it will show in preview with display none selected, which makes sense. Thanks!

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