Empty state is not showing on live page, how to make it visible?


I am struggling with filtering cms items and showing empty state when there is no item available. Empty state is set but it is not visible and I cant figure out why.

I have blue h5 defining which items from the CMS I want to see. The same is set also via the Filters.

You can see that the Empty state is set but as the first screenshot shows, it does not work.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hey Bara!

Can you please add the project’s share link?
(How to Enable a Webflow Share Link)


Hi Maria, here you go: Webflow - Czechitas

Hi again!

Is it possible you don’t get an empty state because it’s never empty?

I added a filter that wouldn’t work (would return nothing) and I get the empty state

Hi Maria,

well that depends. Because it is true that the CMS is not empty, only there are no results after using the filter. Do you think that is the reason why it is not showing?

And if so, do you have any idea how to ensure that the empty state shows in my scenario?

Thank you for your time

hmmm… I see now

for some reason, I feel it might be due to the filtering setup.
Did you try asking this in finsweets slack?

Haven’t delved enough into filtering yet to say for sure…

@JoeKrug know who could help?
@avivtech any ideas?

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Hi Maria,

as noone probably replies here anymore, can you please send me a link to finsweet slack? I cant find it anywhere.

Thank you in advance, you were very helpful.

Best regards,



I hope this link works


Faced the same problem.
Found a solution here CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes
You should create a Div Block that will appear when the search does not match. Add this attributes to Div Block:
Name: fs-cmsfilter-element
Value: empty

Hope this helps.