Empty page upon return from open in new tab on live website

If you click on an item that opens in a new tab (let’s refer to it as tab 2), the original page (let’s refer to it as tab 1) is completely blank upon return. Only a refresh (once or twice) will load the content on page on tab 1 again.

Same goes for filtered items - if you click on a tag that loads a new category, the page goes completely blank. After refresh once or twice the content will load. It will repeat this at each new click on a category filter button

This started after publishing a new CMS blog page.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Where to look? What page and element?


Thanks for your quick reply - it happens on the live pages:

and when returning to original blog page after clicking on a news item

Hi @symptest

It looks like the page isn’t blank, but rather your custom code pre-loader is covering the other elements on the page:

Adding display: none to this preloader will show the rest of the content.

To resolve this, I recommend removing the custom code preloader, then recreate it using a page load Interaction

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