Site doesn't load while going back


I have a problem on my website. One one of my pages, when you click to the next page, and then you want to go back, the content of the page doesn’t load again. Only untill after you refresh it again. How can i fix this?

The page is SHOP.

Link to my read-only editor: Webflow - Marieke's Initial Project

Thanks in advance!

Hi, can you be more specific? I can’t replicate the problem. Works fine for me

Hi Thomas. Thanks for your reaction. It’s a bit strange, because if I click the link via this post it is working indeed. But if I go to my website directly, it doesn’t work. Could you maybe check this as well?

I tried going to your website directly and it seems like its working fine. It could be on your side. I would recommend testing your site in both another internet browser and incognito mode (incognito views the site without cookies). If they work fine I would say you might just need to clear your cookies in your browser.

I’m I tried now multiple devices and multiple browsers but for me it is rarely working, but sometimes ocassionally it works. I can’t figure out what the trick is…

On one of my pages, whenever users click to navigate to the next page and then attempt to go back, the page content fails to reload. It’s only after refreshing the page that the content appears again. Unfortunately, I cannot share a direct link due to limitations, but I’m wondering if anyone has faced a similar challenge and could provide guidance on potential solutions or things to check.

Bumping this, problem is similar to what I’m facing - except nothing on my page loads at all after pressing back on the browser, just an empty blank white page. Doing this in incognito and after clearing cache does nothing.

hi @Linshuaaan the best way to get help is to follow the forum post guide that is pinned on top of each section, if you have missed it here they are.

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