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Won't show ecommerce page

I’m working on top of an ecommerce template.
Suddently the Shop page stopped working (just try going to Home then going back to Shop). It gives me a blank page when I preview it even though I have content in it.
Any idea of what’s going on?
Thank you so much!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It looks like some sort of overlay is being applied when you open the shop page. Does that page have any type of 3rd party integration?

Also, if you use chrome, you could right click that blank area in the live website and click “Inspect” and see what class pops up.


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Thank you so much Kimmy.
After your suggestion I’ve noticed that there’s something turning the ‘main’ div display into “none”, just have to find out what it is. Edit: It was a preloader animation. duh. haha

Happy to help :slight_smile: