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Embedding PDFs with Adobe Embed PDF API

Has anyone successfully used this API?

You have to enter the ‘allowed’ domain name in the credentials which I did successfully but the PDF viewer can’t display the file.

I think because the PDF resides under might be the problem. I had tried under the credentials as well but the system will not accept that domain name.

I’m stuck on how to get this working?

Currently testing on this page: Open Letter from UKMFA to Prime Minister, First Ministers and Health Secretary/Ministers - Face Mask Mandates

This is an update on 26/02/21:

Spoken to Adobe tech support and the problem is that the PDF should reside under the domain for it to work rather than

Can this issue be addressed?

Not with Webflow. You don’t have storage for assets on anything but the CDN. You might try using a redirect to see if that works. Otherwise would a subdomain of work, like, if so you should be able to get inexpensive hosting for a subdomain.

Thank you for your response.

Sorry, I’m not quite clear on what your thoughts are on the redirect option?

Following that, I have just tested with creating another PDF Embed API under my own personal domain and created a webpage for that as well and it works properly confirming that the webpage and location of the PDF has to be under the same domain name.

Very frustrating considering that I’m already hosting the website with Webflow that I would now have to have another hosting solution to store the PDFs under a sub domain as you suggested adding to costs. It also adds to the workload with having to manage the website with 2 host providers for every time I upload a PDF and manually put in the links to the PDF.

It would be great if Webflow can address this issue in the future as this issue could extend into many other APIs or if a PDF viewer can be created for Webflow instead.

Hello Jeff, I am also trying to embed an Adobe API PDF (Adobe Developers - PDF Embed API | Embed PDF in HTML | Adobe Document Services) into my webflow. I have tried to read up on your subdomain advice. I basically want my webpage to load a home page which will just be the PDF which I have added interactions to (not embed inside a div, but fully load). So maybe I would get a separate host and call this and then keep my e-commerce side of webflow the same so that I can utilize the store? ? Thank you for any help or tips you have.