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Replace PDF upload with same link/URL

I have an acc. Site/Basic and the following important question. If i upload PDFs below 10MB i do that with “assets”-upload. All works fine. Now i have a PDF-file there with a very long URL which works fine also for google.
The question: how can i exchange the pdf file without loosing the URL. So i need to keep the URL even when i change content of the pdf later on, because the URL is placed on other websites and for e.g. also in the “German National Bibliothek” where you cannot change the first given URL.
How does it work for sure proper and save ??


Hi @jonin,

I can think of 2 solutions for you:

  1. Host the pdf outside Webflow (Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, etc’…)
  2. Host the pdf on Webflow, and embed the pdf using <embed> or <iframe> in a page. Now give away your page url (instead of the pdf file url) which you can always keep.
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Does webflow add a hash to a filename once uploaded? If so, that’s probably to avoid AWS bucket duplicate filenames and also does wonders for cache renewal.

BUT in that case, you don’t wanna link to filename directly. Maybe in general you shouldn’t. What if PDF dies like flash did (just for example) and you rewrite it in a glorious .md? :slight_smile:

I think @avivtech 's solution is the way to go :muscle:t5:

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Thanks for the very(!) quick help and i prefer to “embed” it or place it somewhere else.