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Embedding a table with variants into a CMS

I have succeeded in embedding a table into my website. However, I am wondering is there a better way to do it as.

This is a link the current page with the table -
It is in the specifications tab.

I have created a new table for each row of the table as this is all that is possible with each dynamic items being wrapped in a div. Each row is then populated from a collection “product variants”. I have populated the header row with headings and styled that differently. This all works fine, however, because each row is a new table I have had to manually set the width of each column which is not ideal as other products have different attributes which will need different column widths.

I would prefer to have a single table with each row populated by the product variants attributes and the column widths adjusting automatically to give the contents of each cell a perfect fit.

Does anybody know how to achieve this? Or can anyone help?

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton,

Don’t you want to try to use Webflow divs elements for creating rows, or you specifically need a table?

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