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Best way to do Dynamic HTML Tables


I am still getting to know Webflow and while I think understand the ideas behind CMS, in practice I have been struggling to hook everything up the way I think it should go.

On the ecommerce store I am working on, I have created Size Guides using html tables with custom code. There are 4 (there will be more) different types of Size Guides, that need to link to the corresponding “Category” of each product, which I have defined as “hoodie-style-1-chart”,“hoodie-style-2-chart”, etc. I want them to display dynamically, so that the correct one is displayed with its corresponding product. Right now I have placed all of them on the Product Template, and use conditional visibility for this.
This seems clunky to me, because eventually I may have 10 size guides and just keep copy-pasting. I feel as though I could take care of CMS functionality, but I am not quite sure how.

What I am asking of the community here is if anyone has any suggestions for a more sophisticated way to display and edit the Size Guides on the product template?

The way I am doing it now seems tedious to me, and maybe there are multiple issues at hand here, but I wanted to reach out to the community and see if someone with more experience could help me add some finesse


Here is my site Read-Only:

OK I figured out my workaround, basically I create a Collection of size charts with Plain text fields for each of the embed code instances that I want to use, since each size chart has two tables (centimeters and inches).

Then on the product template page, I enter the css within tags in the head code. I also used a library I found in this AWESOME tutorial to render the HTML from the CMS item, [Found Here](,unique%20on%20the%20page%2C%20period.). I then built the structure of the Tab element and added an HTML embed that is populated by the content of my Plain Text field from the CMS item.

If someone thinks they are facing a similar issue, I could try to provide more detail where you are having trouble

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