Embedded video works in Preview but NOT when published

Hey guys, I have embedded a video from Dropbox and it works in preview and even designer. However when publishing and loading the website, it doesn’t work anymore.

Do you know what could be the reason?

Thank you!

(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey @meetingingorkipark, are you able to share the link to your published live site?

hi there, yeah, its here

Try adding muted


Many browsers will not autoplay video with sound.

hi Michael, oh wow. it helped! thanks so much, do you maybe know why the embed box is shifted to the top of the section after it’s published? the section that hold the div with the embed code is set to to Align object to the “End” meaning it should shift it to the very bottom of the screen. But there is white are left in the first section and it’s height 91vh, meaning that somehow this embed element is shifted to the top?

I haven’t explored that type of layout in Webflow so I cannot give any quick suggestions there. But on Chrome / Win I’m seeing exactly the same layout behavior between the designer preview and the published version.

You’ll want to post that as a new topic so someone with deeper layout knowledge can help.