Embedded Auto play video not working

Hi There

My background video recently stopped working on my website and now comes up just black. I re installed the code and it worked for a few hours and then it went back to black.

Also while viewing my site in firefox, none of the text in the contact us form is there?
Are you please able to help me out and look into these issues for me?


Hi Nik !

Thanks a lot for the post, could you post the read-only link to the site and a screenshot of where the video is placed in the navigator?

On the Forms issue, it is likely because Firefox does not respect the padding on an input fields. Instead of using padding, set a fixed height on the classes assigned to the input fields.

Hi Dave

Please see below


Hi @skyvision.nz, thanks for the read-only link. I was taking a look at this, and it seems you have the BG video in the Slider, and bg video really does not work very well when used as part of a slider.

To help start fixing this, I would change the layout from this:

to something like this:

Another thing to check, is that currently you have linked a .mp4 video and a .ogg version of the video, which is good. I would also add the .webm version of the video to have the best browser compatibility.

I hope this helps !

thanks dave

Can you take a look at the read only link again? I have made the changes that you have told me to, but it is still not working…


Hi Nik, thanks for checking that. One thing I notice on the published site, is that the videos are unable to be loaded, there is a 401 error, which usually means that links are not authorized by dropbox.

This might be due to the kind of membership plan you have with Dropbox. If you are on the free plan, your sharing limit will be used up faster than on a paid plan.

I would recommend a paid plan to get the limits raised, that is one thing to check. See my screenshot below of the published site:

If the error were 403, that would mean the image url was not found… in this case, the image url is found, but not authorized. I hope this helps !

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