Embeddable donation form

Hi everyone :wave: Just wanted to share a helpful resource for embedding a donation form on your website. Funraise is a nonprofit fundraising platform that offers flexible embeddable donation forms (and a lot more).

Watch a video tutorial that covers how to embed the form here: Add a donation form to Webflow | Funraise Knowledge Base

Here is an example of Funraise’s form in action on a Webflow site: https://www.libertyinnorthkorea.org/

Developers can learn more at our developer docs: Form V2 | Funraise

Learn more about Funraise and sign up here: https://www.funraise.org/


Hi @tonysasso I have one question, is this website payment gate and if not what payment gate is used and what are fees of used payment gate. In other words 3.5% fee on free account is final fee or this website works like middle man (like WF that takes 2% fee per transaction) and there are also fees charged by payment gate so final fee will be approx. 6-7%?

Edit: found answer on their website

This is the fee Funraise charges for online payments. Funraise’s fee is in addition to your payment processor’s fees. Funraise does not process payments, but rather enables you to centralize your own payment gateways and donation methods into a unified nonprofit fundraising platform.

Hey @Stan — Funraise works with several payment gateways. Stripe and PayPal are most commonly used with Funriase. Funraise’s fee is in addition to any payment gateway fees.

The fee you quoted (3.5%) is for Funraise’s free tier, but Funraise’s transaction fee can be as low as 0% depending on your plan. Funraise also has an option for donors to cover these fees.

hi @tonysasso I went through their site and is just another middleman service and I understand that for many people it can be helpful service. Anyway, FR is 1.5% more that WF and is ONLY for nonprofit on another site WF offer payment gate ONLY for e-commerce. If WF open payment gates to all websites (Im focusing on non-profits) winner will be WF.

Is Funraise only for nonprofit organizations?
Yes. Your organization must be registered as a nonprofit or NGO. Organizations around the globe can use Funraise**, but a national organization identification number is required.

I was just curious what it is about.

For sure — If you’re a developer, and all you need is a donation form, and you prefer the simplicity of writing your own flow, Funraise might not be your first choice.

Also, it’s worth noting that Funraise is much more than a donation form. Most nonprofits also use Funraise’s additional fundraising and donor management tools within the platform. For example, recurring giving programs, peer-to-peer campaigns, email campaigns, etc.

hi @tonysasso I was checking services and as I said it can be helpful platform for WF sites that do not need or want to be turnned to e-commerce only for accessing payment gate. :wink: