Embed widget not showing up

Hey, if anyone could help I would appreciate it. I’m trying to embed this booking widget for a client using the code that they supplied and I’m having trouble with it not showing up when published…

Here’s the code I was given:

<div id="bookMe4Widget">
<object type="text/html" data="https://condekomabjj.perfectmind.com/16094/Reports/BookMe4?widgetId=0b71655a-c96f-486b-884e-c2d90ca638c5&embed=true">
    <div id="errorContainer">
        We are having a difficulty to load your requested events,
        please come back at a later time.
<script type="text/javascript">
    // <![CDATA[
        var widget = document.getElementById('bookMe4Widget');
        var targetObject = widget.getElementsByTagName("object")[0];
        targetObject.style.width = "100%";
        targetObject.style.height = "100%";
        widget.children[0].style.width = "100%";
        widget.children[0].style.height = "100%";

        window.addEventListener('message', function (e) {
            targetObject.style.height = e.data;
        }, false);

        window.addEventListener('message', function (e) {
            widget.children[0].style.height = e.data;
        }, false);
    // ]]>

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I suggest you look for support with the script provider. Placing that code on a page does not generate any output.

Thanks for your response, that’s what I figured but wasn’t sure what was causing the problem.