Custom Code Embed not appearing

Hi guys,

So a client’s asked me to build a website for their restaurant.

I’m trying to embed the ‘Reservation injected directly into your website, customized to your brand’ plugin found here on the mobile menu so customers can book a table.

I’ve copied the code exactly and styled the HTML Embed element as follows:

For some reason, it doesn’t appear on the published site:

I’d really appreciate some help on this, I can’t work out if it is an html issue or styling issue.

Here’s the site’s read only and here’s the published site.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Will,

It looks like it’s clashing with the ‘Book Embed Desktop’ HTML embed within the ‘book’ div - try removing that HTML embed, republish and see if the mobile embed works.

You might want to try to refactor that HTML embed to be used in both versions. Maybe someone else has an alternative method and can chip in.


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Thank you! This worked.