Embed Code not working


I am looking to embed the isalon widget onto a client site but it doesn’t appear to be working. I get a link that says book now but it doesn’t link to anywhere. I have posted the code below, does anyone have any suggestions to get this to work?

<script type='text/javascript'>!function(b,c){b.saloniqid='b1ca82a8-dc25-4cd0-8cb7-44a6fca2f216',b.saloniqsite='https://salonappointments.saloniq.co.uk';var d,g,e='onlinebookingwidget-loader',f=c.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];c.getElementById(e)||(d=c.createElement('script'),d.id=e,d.async=!0,d.src=b.saloniqsite+'/scripts/onlinebookingwidget-loader.js',g=f?f.parentNode:c.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],g.insertBefore(d,f))}(window,document);</script>

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="saloniq.loader.openIFrame()">Book Online</a>


It is a requirement to post both your project’s public share URL and published site URL whenever asking for code help.

Published - http://www.i-cmakeup.co.uk/
There’s a password on it which is icmakeup2016

Shared - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/i-c-make-up?preview=d15bdd672511991e5a0a277c5fb06771

Seems like the script is used twice on the page, you might want to remove the one in site footer.

Also, the script doesn’t seem to be able to insert the popup into the page, but this cannot be solved on our end as we do not know the conditions set by the injected third-party script https://salonappointments.saloniq.co.uk/scripts/onlinebookingwidget-loader.min.js

I suggest contacting the author of this script.