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Embed Webflow CMS collection to external website?

a very candid question as I’m new to this: I have a site made on Wix (I know…) and I’d like to embed on one of its page a CMS collection built with Webflow.

Getting an error message “ does not authorize the connection” in the iframe on Wix.
I’m on a free plan, happy to upgrade if a paid plan allows a CMS collection embed on third-party websites.


As far I know you have to host on Webflow to use the CMS. Outside Webflow it won’t work.

Thanks for the confirmation… I was afraid that would be the case.
Need to find a workaround.

The database for the app I’m building is on Airtable, and struggling to find a good way to show that data to the world + allow filtering etc…
Something looking nicer than the basic Airtable views. Different forum I guess.

Thanks nonetheless.