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Allow to embed my Website on another Website iframe


im a Eventhost, using Gather.Town, I considering using Webflow to share information and stuff on my Webflow pages.

Unfortunatly it says “refused to connect” in Gather.Town. I also tested to iframe my Webflow page on this testpage. Didnt worked either. Can you please share your ideas and solutions to allow my Webflowpage to be embedded? Tryit Editor v3.6

Thank you

Websites that you don’t pay a Site Plan for (websites under the domain) can’t be embedded on another site. It’s also forbidden by the TOS.

Hi Vincent, thank you for your quick response. So which Site Plan do you recommend for me, to use this feature?

also, can you please share any example page with a site plan? So that I can test, if it works for my use-case?

Any site plan :slight_smile: Once you pay for any site plan you should be able to embed your site elsewhere.

Sure, :rofl:

BTW I love

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