Using a different CMS?


Im building a media site and im at the part where im creating collections and connecting them to the project too see it filled content and at that point where im making dummy items and i get a max dummy item notice and a upgrade option this was lucky because i then realized the CMS item restrictions (10,000) and the hosting plans. Which i suppose the latter was always in the back of my mind because I’ve always considered hosting it at an outside source and using a 3rd party global CDN because they offer better plans that are cheaper for more storage $20 for 150gb $60 for 500gb and it only goes up from there but each of the two stated come up to 500,000 stored files. Beyond that it is unlimited and that seems more logical with scalability and all that because if my projections are accurate i’ll chew through that 10,000 fairly quickly.

So here’s the rub. I learned you can only use WebFlow CMS if you host through WebFlow. Kinda a bummer because im building these collections and grids and all that and now im like “well? what happens to what i built?” and “what CMS am i going to use?” That was where i was recommended, a open source CMS that is similar to Webflow’s in many of it’s abilities. So here is my question how do i integrate it into my project and build my collections from that since it seems i will have to use a different CMS anyway due to outside hosting. I mean if i just build the site or build it off of Webflow’s CMS i would imagine when it comes to launching it at the other hosting im gonna have issues. But I’m also not an expert. Like does anyone has a step by step guide that could be followed by someone like myself. I was not the top in my class, wasn’t the bottom either though :slight_smile:

Thanks and sorry for the novel.