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Using a CMS page in an externally hosted site

I’m looking to use Webflow’s CMS to integrate page updates on my company’s site without having to deploy code for every update. The intent is to allow another team with access to Webflow create or update content on the fly and have that automatically reflect on our site.

The CMS content would only take up the body of the page, where the header and footer are still maintained internally, and should have the same responsive design created in the editor (there are no submission forms, only images, text, and links to other pages).

Is there a method that meets these requirements?
I’ve tried code exporting a static page (which required editing the code) and using an iframe with a published * domain (refused to load).

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Hi @st11223

I’ve worked on a similar project. We used Laravel and Digital Ocean to dynamicially inject into another externally hosted

We would update html, css, js, and cms on and the dev took care of the rest on external site. You should consult your developer about dynamic solutions, like laravel php. If you need a developer, one of my partners is top notch, PM if your’re interested in speaking with him.

An easy (temporary) hack you migt do is iframe injection on your where you iframe your webflow content. You mentioned in your post that you had errors doing iFrame, but there’s ways you can make it work. I personally do not reccomend that since Google SERPs seo doesn’t like iframes.


Hi @miekwave

Can you go into detail on how exactly the dev injected a CMS page into the external site with
I’m seeing in a post here: Embed Webflow CMS collection to external website? that it’s not viable to use CMS externally, and the API doesn’t appear to retain any design changes (which nullifies the point of designing the page in-app).

To clarify the iframe problem, I get “* refused to load”, which is due to Webflow’s content-security-policy. Would iframe work if I created a custom subdomain ( and injected that into my target page (

Thank you.

  1. Dev would crawl and then import html, css, js assets into custom hosted site. Its basicially mirroring into Custom regex /path/ rules are in place. This was all accomplished with laravel, digital ocean, and aws and whatever other devtools they were using.

  2. Embedd webflow cms t external site - no, again I do not reccomend this because serps does not like embedded content. If you don’t care about SEO, then ya go for it.

  3. * refused to load - you need to go in settings to alow iframes