Embed element not available in all my sites with a paid CMS account. Why?

I upgraded my account to a paid CMS account because I wanted the ability to add embed code to my sites. When I have more than one site in my dashboard, one is a CMS site, and the other two are starter sites. I am only able to add embed elements to the CMS site. When I go to the starter sites, it says I need a paid account to access it. I have CMS account, but it only allows the “CMS” site to access the embed element. When I duplicate the CMS site, it makes the duplicate a “starter site”.

The capabilities of a project are dependent upon the project’s plan.

On a free “starter” workspace plan, your free “starter” sites cannot use custom code, which gives you two options-

  1. Upgrade your workspace to a non-free workspace plan, so that you can use custom code on all of your free “starter” plan sites.
  2. Upgrade the specifics sites you want to use code in to a non-free site hosting plan, so that you can use custom code in it.

Thanks, Michael. It sounds like I should upgrade my workspace to try different version of sites before upgrading my site plan once I have selected the site I want to move forward with.