Minimum plans for custom code and custom domain

Hi, I’m confused about my plan needs and really hope I’ve got this wrong

Tl;dr - can I get CMS, custom domain, and embed functionality on one plan, or do I need two?

I’ve bought a CMS hosting plan to get going.

I wanted a website with a custom domain (hosted elsewhere and pointed at webflow). Tick.

I want CMS entries to host blog/article entries amongst other things. Tick.

I want to embed 3rd part tools like typeform. NOT tick.

Do I need to purchase ANOTHER plan @ $14/month for a year just to access this embed functionality?

And if so, could I combine a cheaper BASIC hosting plan (domain but no CMS) with CORE workspace plan (embed and CMS) and still have CMS functionality. I’d ask to downgrade from CMS to BASIC if so.

Pretty complicated, got to say, hope I’ve not made an expensive mistake. $37/month is pretty high prices, I’d look to migrate elsewhere at first opportunity.

Hey @russell_murray no you don’t need another siteplan. You can embed code anywhere on your pages with the embed-element:

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 13.23.34

Or you can embed code either inside the head or before the closing body-tag in the site settings (Press “p” in the designer, then click on the gear icon and scroll down:

Third option is to embedd code to all of your pages. Go to the settings and then click on “custom code” in the left sidebar:

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Thank you Mirko, I think I’ve just made sense of things…I have one hosting plan for one main site which IS allowing me to embed / add custom code on that site but NOT on the second site that I use as a sandbox. A little limiting but hey it works.

Great detailed answer, thanks!