Can you have unhosted sites with CMS site plan?

Hi. New to webflow, and coding too. Building a site, really helps that their are clonobales but I noticed in the starter package you can only open and edit two unhosted sites. I’m planning on purchasing a CMS site plan and was wondering if itll allow me to have unhosted sites as well, as I will need it to open and copy elements perhaps from the clonable sites available.

Hi Mariam,

Read up on workspace plans vs. site plans, they’re different.

A site plan is for a hosted site, with a custom domain.

A workspace plan is for building sites, and it affects what you can do with unhosted sites. Your workspace plan does not affect hosted sites.

If you have 2 unhosted sites on a starter workspace, and you host one of them on the CMS plan, then you will only have 1 unhosted site + 1 hosted site. You can add another unhosted site if you want. Yes you can copy and paste elements between them.

If you want more unhosted sites, you’ll need a larger workspace plan.

Thank you… Would appreciate some advice here.
I’m still learning to use webflow and the class systems and Client First. Building my own site, which will require CMS as well. Can I go for a workspace plan and then upgrade to the CMS site plan once I’m done with the site is ready for launch? Asking coz the starter workspace plan only allows me to make 2 pages. Or should I just go for the site plan (CMS) and use the workspace starter to explore cloneables or copy elements?

It’s not an upgrade, as they’re separate things. You’d have both a workspace plan and a hosted site plan.

Workspace plans are primarily targeted towards users who;

  • build more than one site at a time, like a freelancer or agency
  • or who have a lot of unhosted sites e.g. prototypes and test projects
  • or who need code export

In your case if you just want to work on the one site only, ever, just get the hosted site plan so you can complete building it.

If you need more than 2 additional unhosted sites for your copy paste work ( you mentioned something above ) then you need a workspace plan.

I have some more notes here that might help;

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