Email verification issue

We are just starting up a new agency and trying to set up the workspace on a new account with 2 seats licensed. I can’t add a member though because it is telling me that my email is not verified, even though I went through the verification process.

Is there a way to get a new email verification sent without going through support. There’s no obvious option so I raised a support ticket, but am getting no response.

This issue can only be addressed by Webflow. Nothing we can do to help you.

Thanks Jeff. Any insights into support response times from your experience? No worries if you are uncomfortable commenting.

I am not known for “holding back”. All I can say is that the support queue response time changes all the time and it is FIFO or first in first out from what I understand. My clients expect immediate results and I deliver that to them for everything I control. Webflow is a black box however and that does not fit into many of my clients expectations of service.

OK, thanks again Jeff - that seems consistent with a few posts I have read while researching my current issue. We’ll see how long it takes to get a response then make a decision on whether to switch to another platform before we start scaling.

As an aside, I’ve never come across a cloud service that doesn’t have a ‘Resend’ button for email verifications before. Seems like an odd omission from CX perspective.