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Email signup before download?


I have created a button that downloads a PDF. I would like the user to signup to the newsletter before allowing them to access the PDF. How can accomplish this without using mailchimp??

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Two things for you :slight_smile:
a) keep in mind the GDPR, you need to allow anyone in the EU to access the download without signing up, sorry to break that to you.
b) don’t bother with the button, add a form and link to the file in the success message. You can, of course, have the form be opened by clicking a button. That would use an interaction but it’s one of the most basic ones.

I didn’t realize that about the GDPR… Thanks!

I created a pop up modal. Where can I find the settings for the success message? I dont see it.


@sarahfrison I figured out how to make it work. Is there any way that the link can be opened in a new window after signup?

@soulluciani there’s a checkbox where you’d upload the file image

@sarahfrison that solution isn’t going to work for this situation.

I used a signup button inside of a modal popup and put in a custom link in the success area. When the user presses the submit button they are automatically taken to a pdf. I would like that pdf to open in a new window. Is that possible?

@soulluciani ah, okay. You’ll need custom code for that (or just add a link block with the link to the success message)