File Download on Form Submission

Is there a way we can make a file available to a visitor after submitting a form. Either by an auto download or opening in another page (my file is a pdf).

Totally @smmj you can drop a link (or make that link a cool download graphic) into the Success Message block and have that link to a file in your Dropbox.

Let me know if that works!


Hi @thesergie,

Is there a way to make it automatic?

I did make it work adding my file URL on the redirect field or in the Action field. In both ways, however, it doesn’t show any success message and I can’t redirect to a thank you page after starting the download.

Any other suggestion?


Hey @guihnz at the moment we don’t have custom logic to let you choose exactly what you want to show when an action is triggered. I would suggest setting your redirect URL to another page on your site with the download link on that page. When you click download link it will link them to the dropbox link and it will simultaneously show some content using the Interactions click trigger. I think that would be a great way to do it.

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Hi @thesergie,

Yes, thank you very much. Since I was trying to avoid the extra click I did use the redirect URL to another page adding an onload java script to start the download.



Would there be a way to reverse engineer that…so have the user click a download button and be prompted to fill an email address before the download occurs?

Click ‘download’ button…event trigger opens a form…click ‘submit’ form and then on the success page have the download link maybe?