Email Segmentation for Post-Purchase?


I’m creating a digital product shop (website templates mostly) with ecommerce on my existing Webflow site.

I want to segment my customers post-purchase so I can recommend complementary products or any updates to what they purchased. I use Flodesk for email marketing.

Is there any way to set up an integration, like a zap, so people can be put in segments post-purchase?

Or is that not a thing? Thanks.

Hi Martha, yes you should be able to do that.

I am not familiar with Flodesk but most email newsletters support some form of segmentation.

The rest is about setting that up, and then figuring out how you want to segment your customers.

You can use Zapier or Make to trigger from a new order webhook event, which is detailed in Webflow’s API. Some platforms may have a built in trigger specifically for that Webflow new order webhook, so check their docs.

If you’re not heavily tied to Flodesk, you might check something like Audienceful which has some Webflow specific capabilities and may not require an automation provider at all.

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