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Email link of opens blank page

I use gmail and want to have a link in webflow that opens a gmail draft addressed to me with my subject line. How do you work with web based email services (gmail, hot mail, yahoo, etc.)?

Isn’t that a local setup, something you have to configure locally in your system/browser? If I click on whatever e-mail in Chrome, on any web page, Gmail is going to take the call over. I could have setuped the Mail app to take over instead I think.

I don’t think you can force this choice on your visitor’s end.


Thanks that worked. It is a new computer and I hadn’t set up “mail” in windows. I feel a little stupid but it’s not the first time. Thanks again.

Also, not entirely sure if this is what you meant by:

But you could try setting your email links in Webflow to autopopulate a subject line (see attachment)

That works fine. It was just a matter of configuring my own mail on windows. Works great now. Thanks again for the help.