E-mail link opens a blank tab

I once used this and it straight up opened Gmail with “compse” already opened up.
Now, when I do it, it opens a blank page.
How do I make it open Gmail on the browser?
Link is temporarily set on a logo text.

Read-only link:

Hey Adi,

You weren’t clear on where the email link is that you’re trying to click on.
Assuming it’s a standard mailto: link, it’s up to the browser how it will handle that.

GMail does have a configuration that allows it to respond to mailto: link clicks in Chrome, but you’d need to research that setting in GMail / Chrome docs.

The link is in dropdown menu under contact)
Shouldn’t it do it by default? I don’t expect my future clients to tinker with these things before sending an E-mail.

Nope. Your browser doesn’t know that you use GMail. It will use whatever email provider you have setup to respond to mailto: links.