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Email Link Doesn't Work

When I test the email link on my site, I get a blank page.

Hi @zentango

Are you wanting it to open up an email in the default email client on the users device?

Can you share your read only link please so someone could look into this?

It’s not happening on any my sites so I’m going to move the category as I’m not sure it’s a bug.

When I test the email link on my site I get a blank page

When I test it from the preview in the designer, it opens up a new tab with a blank page, and also opens up an email, which is normal behaviour for the designer (from what I know)

Can you publish to the webflow domain and test on there. From the live site, this will not happen.

So I guess you are saying that it’s ok.

I want to wait untill I am done before publishing.

Thanks for you help Mark


Yes it’s all good.

FYI You can publish, test, and unpublish very easily from within the designer if ever you need to. It’s quite useful!


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