Email link not opening in Email software

Hey guys,

I have an icon email link in my page, and I want users to automatically open their default Email software once they click the icon, but now it’s only a “mailto:XXX” after clicking. Does anyone know how to solve it?




So you’re saying if you change that email field in your screenshot to it will not open an email client on your computer?

If that’s the case, check that you have a default email client set. You can post your live site and I can click on it too and see what happens.

Thanks for your reply! Now it leads to but I want to open the default Email client. Please check the footer:

Okay, I see the problem. It’s because your default email client is set to your web browser. You have to set that to an email client like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc… Then clicking that link will work for you.

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How do I set the default email client to Gmail? I’m experiencing the same thing as @Zhengyang_Yang