Mailto opening a blank page

Hey all,

My contact button should open a new link, however it simply opens a blank tab with no content. I’vet tried using link blocks, buttons, forms even, but nothing works. It works directly on mobile which makes me wonder if its a computer default problem? If that’s the case, users wouldn’t be able to open the email unless they have a default mail enabled.

Any help is welcome!

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Hi Arnau_Ros_Salvador,

I took a look at your project and can see that when I click the Contact Us button, it asks me to define a default mail app (which, for me, makes sense because I do not have a default mail app.) This is expected behavior on a Windows machine. I’m wondering what happens if you yourself click on other mailto: links. Try clicking this and see if you get the same result. It’s just a test mailto: link. Trying to determine if this is just an issue on your own computer’s end or if there is something bigger going on.

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Hey Chris, the mailto opens a new tab which is blank. I’m guessing something isn’t working in general with Webflow. I need a workaround ASAP as the client wants to launch the site tomorrow if possible. Would you know a quick workaround?

Does this happen for the client as well? Can you tell me what OS you’re using? The link functions properly for me, so I am leaning more towards there is some issue with your settings for how your PC opens mailto links.

Hey Chris, I’m on a Macbook running Monterey 12.2.1. The link doesn’t work on two separate mac devices as well as the client ones. Also, other mailto links I’ve opened previously have always worked fine on my devices. Could it be an apple specific issue?

I just tried it on my Mac and it does work as expected (opens the Mail app). Even more perplexing. Just for fun, can you tell me on your machine what the default mail app is set as? You have to open the Mail app, go to Preferences, and the default mail reader is listed in there.

Weird that it works for you, Chrome is my default app for mail.

Okay, cool, thank you. And to clarify, the mailto: link I created a few posts back exhibits the same behavior? If so, this pretty much confirms there isn’t an issue with the site, but with your handler of mailto: links.

I went through the setup process to enable GMail in Google Chrome to handle my mailto: links, and confirmed that this does work as expected on your site (opens a new e-mail message in GMail). I did have to remove GMail from the blocked sites list as stated in the instructions, not sure why that was there as I’ve never had Chrome as my default mail app at all, but it’s worth checking.