Email Hosting with my shared web hosting account


I guess this might have been answered but I have not found an answer yet specifically to my question. I have a shared web hosting subscription (where I can host multiple unlimited websites) at and I have a registered URL at which I want to host on webflow. If I do the web hosting with webflow can I point my emails to work with (ie MX records) so that I dont have to use Gsuite , Zoho etc. externally ? So also I can host multiple email accounts etc…

This will help, especially for some clients.

Thankyou, Obed

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Yes - when you host with Webflow you just point your A records (and maybe CNAME?) to their servers for the given domain. You will be able to place other records, such as MX, to point to other services.

So as long as you have the dreamhost MX settings, or they continue to control that element, then you should be fine.

Thats awesome to hear. Will try and see if I can figure it out! Thank you.


Just to follow up this topic. And to make sure I am sure that what I want to do will work.

If I have a account with a hosting company where I can host many accounts, can I use it to create the email account there and host it and still point it to Webflow to host the website?

It is quite common for email and web services to be handled by different providers.

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

So it will work better to just get an email hosting from the domain register instead?

@Henry - Webflow does not offer email so you need to provision it somewhere. The where is up to you, based on features and price. My clients typically choose MS, Google, Rackspace, or something I build.

Yes, I know that.

All good, I already spoke to a guy from my hosting provider.

were you ever able to build your website with WEBFLOW and host it on dreamhost?

Hello @MariahPapaya,

The website will be host with webflow. However the email can have an email host plan. A bit of an extra cost.

I found a way that I can build and design my website and host it somewhere else- Exporting the site (of course you need it to be apart of an subscription though)

I have a quesrtion- can I export the code from the website with cloned animations? (with my pro Webflow design account) Will the animations made in Webflow (such as custom sliders, button reactions, etc) continue to function when exported?

@MariahPapaya you will be able to export the HTML CSS and JS. Check this link Code export | Webflow University and go from there :+1: