Connecting my Webflow site to Dreamhost

So I have my domain and unlimited hosting on dreamhost and I want to build my website on Webflow, is it possible to have my site live without buying a ‘site plan’ on WebFlow? Can I just host it through dreamhost, or does WebFlow strictly only let users let their sites go public/live through webflow’s own hosting plans?

If the answer is yes I can use my dreamhost account to host my WebFlow website, how would I do this?

thank you so much for any answers!!

@MariahPapaya the way to do this would be to export your website. Most-often this is done to a wordpress website (, not This allows you to choose a host.

awesome I’ll try that! Will my animations/interactions be able to function when they are exported to a wordpress website though?

I haven’t exported any websites yet but according to this article the only thing you can’t export is the search function and forms Code export | Webflow University