Email error appear even when a valid email is entered in form
(If you click the right pane and select one of the trips, you’ll find the form. Here for example:

Plus, is it possible to send in the form the name of the page in which the form was filled?


Hello @LupoAsaf

I noticed that in your form you’re using input settings that may affect that email. You can see here that for two of the input boxes you’re using Email but jus one of them is set to receive email info:

Regarding the name of the page where the form is, I would suggest to add another form element and style it the same and not use symbols so you can set the form name on settings Panel and it can give you an idea where the form is placed.

Hope this helps. Let me know.


Thank you, Aaron.
I gave names to the forms - that’s a good idea.
I also fixed the names of the fields: 1. name 2. email 3. phone 4 more info.
Only the second field is an email.
I still have the problem of getting an error on a legitimate email
address. Any idea why?
(See attached print-screen).

Asaf :slight_smile:

I don’t have that issue, tried it and worked ok.

Try to delete the text field input box and add it again, and see if that helps. And tick that message to prevent the page to send more dialogs.

It worked.
Thank you very mauch, Aaron :slight_smile:

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