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Submission form error message

Hello guys,

There is an error message on one of my form, as you can see below :

The email address is valid but i’ve this message, so I don’t understand.

If you can have a look It will be perfect.

Share link :

Live page/form :

Kind regards,

Hi @LeftProductions, it looks like the Company name field is set with the Name in form settings as “Email”, so it might have been the original email field and the type did not get change when it was pasted.

I am looking into this further, however as a workaround, could you try changing the name to CompanyName? After changing that, republish the site.

If that does not work, I might delete the Company Name field input and drag a new input field from the Add Elements panel.

Thanks in advance, I will be standing by for your response.

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Hello Dave,

Thanks for your answer.

I’ve changed the name of the company name field & It’s working well now.

Kind regards,

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