Element triggers shows address, map and back ground image change

I am trying to trigger an individual text element on click to show relevant address along with map and background image change in contact section. With Hide and show interaction I could change Map and address (which sit in the same link block) but failed to change the background (which sits in Section) and also when I clicked on 2nd element trigger to change it shows no response


What am I doing wrong.

Any help would be great.

The link to my webflow project


I can’t see any interactions on that page at all. I would however, when getting something to change such as “show/hide” on a div in your case, always make sure you make the interaction happen to the class not selected element. The trigger will be what you start the interaction on but ensure you target the class of the div that needs to be hidden or shown.

As I’m not sure what exactly you want to show and hide I cant really make a demo.

Hope the class selection helps though,