Edits made in design mode were discarded after one day

I fixed the design mode yesterday. All changes applied after publishing.

When I turned the site back on today, over 50% of yesterday’s changes were gone.

No one is logged in other than me.

Even in the backups, only the data that has been changed remains.

Obviously, I confirmed that it was changed on the actual homepage by publishing, but I don’t know what happened. help me please

Hi plzhelpme!

I’m sorry to hear your hard work has been lost… I’d recommend getting direct support from Webflow. There isn’t anything I personally could think of (besides maybe an unstable internet connection that caused saving issues) that could’ve done this.

If you don’t mind, keep me up to date if you can find a solution or if you find out what caused the problem.

Sadly, there was no way. Edited again.
However, I haven’t had the same problem since.